The Crystal Pharoah's Profile Card & Art Card

TAH: The Crystal Pharoah is a masked bad ass. Where is he from?

TCP: Born in Brooklyn. Died sometime in the future.

TAH: You have a distinguishing scar over your left eye, how did you get it?

TCP: Part of the mystique is in the mask, not just what lies behind it. I was obsessed with Darth Vader as a kid, I thought he was the scariest dude, apart from Jason Voorhees and Blacula. The mask can be viewed as a symbol of strength, mystery and even a shield. The mask I rock is actually a mash up of Vader, Scarface and Cobra Commander, some of my all time favorite villains. Also, the Egyptian God Horus (meaning Pharaoh) managed to lose an eye to the God Seth (God of the desert, storm and violence) when he tried to avenge his father Osiris’ death, hence the scar.  The eye was later healed by Thoth (God of Wisdom) and became sort of a magic charm.  Mine is more like a Lucky Charm and can be found inside select boxes in your breakfast cereal aisle. The mask also offers protection against harmful UV rays.

–    –    –    –    –

TAH: Your art cards are digital collage and incorporate some iconic imagery. What was your inspiration for these cards?

TCP: I grew up in an era of arcade games, home computers and action figures. Some of my earliest memories are of the music and movies my older brother introduced me to. Both left a lasting impression on my childhood. We used to lift Star Wars figures from the local toy stores and hit up “Crazy Eddies” with whatever money we had for all the latest Atari games. Ultimately all of the imagery I grew up with would be influential to my music and art. From obscure sci-fi samples to iconic logos and characters, the art I make has always been about incorporating the stuff I grew up with but flipping it with a bit of comic relief or social commentary.

TAH: You are a music producer. What projects are you currently working on?

TCP: I am in the process of finishing a third album for my group Si*Sé as well as concentrating on remixes and producing video projects for brands like ALIFE and KRINK. “Band of the Lost” is a DJ project I have with the Sucklord, which is in constant demand. DJ’ing is one if my favorite pass-times. I love mixing funky tracks with dialogue from classic sci-fi and nerd-cult movies. Seeing a crowd’s response when they finally recognize the quote or song is priceless.

TAH: Did you, or do you, collect trading cards. If so, what kind?

TCP: I loved trading cards but don’t remember trading.  I wanted all of them. From Star Wars to Evel KnievelBattlestar Galactica to Mork and Mindy, I had a bunch. Wacky Packs were my favorites. The illustrations and parodies were always so well done. I think subconsciously my art reflects a similar sensibility. It’s like a big “F*CK YOU”, but subtle.

–    –    –    –    –

Visit for a cool interactive experience and to check up on his latest projects, as well as for band and release information.

Go to for more information on The Crystal Pharoah/Sucklord collaborative beats. “In constant demand”…we agree…we can’t get enough of it.


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